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மிசெளரி தமிழ்ச் சங்க நிர்வாகக் குழு (2021)

தலைவர்: சந்தோஷ்குமார் இராதாகிருஷ்ணன், துணைத் தலைவர்: சரவணன் பழனிவேல்; செயலாளர்: பாலா தர்மராஜ்; துணை செயலாளர்: கோகுலகிருஷ்ணன் சேஷய்யா, பொருளாளர்: மாரியப்பன் சடையப்பன்; நிதி மேற்பார்வை: பரத் சுந்தரேசன்; இணையதள இயக்குனர்: இரமேஷ்குமார் இராஜகோபால்; ஊடக இயக்குனர்: பிரபாகர் நடராசன்; திட்ட இயக்குனர்: ஸ்ரீநிதி ஜெகன்நாதன்; துணை திட்ட இயக்குனர்: சாந்தி ஜெயபிரகாஷ்; மக்கள் தொடர்பு அலுவலர்: சிக்கல்குமார் நாகராசன்; தொண்டு இயக்குனர்: டில்லிபாபு ஆ.கஇயக்குனர்கள் குழு: அனுசுயா ராமசாமி, அருண் ராஜகோபாலன், சிவபாலன் செங்கோடன், நந்தகுமார் தன்னாசியப்பன், ஸ்ரீஅசோக் வெங்கடபதி
The mission of the Tamil Sangam

The mission of the Tamil Sangam is to cultivate, promote and foster the exchange of ideas and understanding between Tamil ethnicities and other cultures. It seeks excellence in its endeavors for the advancement of knowledge in Tamil language, literature and the arts through its programs. It strives to promote fellowship and to provide, organize and participate in cultural and social functions. The Tamil Sangam has a clear mandate to be a non-profit, non-partisan, cultural, servicebased and secular organization.In support of its mission, the Tamil Sangam shall:1. Make all efforts to promote innovative scholarship and excellence in the teaching of the arts and languag2. Assemble the best of the folk artistry of Tamil origin, allowing enthusiastic professional as well as amateur folk art performers to train in and perform a variety of art genres that will not only showcase their talents but also keep alive traditional art forms.3. Actively engage in working to foster arts, language, service, and charitable programs that would provide genuine opportunities for TSM to make connections with other local, national and international communities to share knowledge and resources.4. Promote a sense of active engagement in community affairs without endorsing any specific political group.5. Strive continuously to improve and build upon its existing infrastructure for the greater good of the community in an ethical fashion.6. Nurture a sense of sharing, service and socially responsible behavior in the young by supporting the service-based activities of TSM’s youth organization, TSYVO (Tamil Sangam Youth Volunteer Organization).YEARLY EVENTSPONGAL VIZHA INCLUDING SPECIAL PROGRAM FROM TAMIL NADU ARTISTS - FREE ENTRANCE FOR MEMBERS INCLUDING DINNER/SNACKSCHITHIRAI VIZHA(OPTIONAL) - FREE ENTRANCE FOR MEMBERS INCLUDING DINNER/SNACKSSPECIAL TICKETED EVENTS (MUSIC CONCERT, FETNA TOUR AND ETC.,)SPECIAL WORKSHOP(OPTIONAL) - FREE ENTRANCE FOR MEMBERS INCLUDING SNACKSSEMINARS - FREE ENTRANCE FOR MEMBERS INCLUDING SNACKSTAMIZHISAI VIZHA - FREE ENTRANCE FOR MEMBERS INCLUDING DINNER/SNACKSMAGALIR MATTUM - FREE ENTRANCE FOR MEMBERS INCLUDING DINNER/SNACKSMUTHAMIZH VIZHA - FREE ENTRANCE FOR MEMBERS INCLUDING DINNER/SNACKSVOLLEYBALL/BADMINTON TOURNAMENT - TICKETED EVENThttp://www.motamilsangam.org/committee@motamilsangam.org

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