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மயூராலயா நாட்டியப் பள்ளி, பிரிஸ்பேன்

MAYOORALAYA School of Dance is a small aerial root (Vizhuthu) from the Great Banyan Tree called Kalakshetra, Chennai, India, with the vision of training anyone who desires to learn Bharathanatyam beyond the barriers of sex, religion, language, or nationality and spread God’s love and Peace through this divine form of Art to the world.Mrs Mayoori Thangarajah
Mayoori Thangarajah is the founder of the Mayooralaya School of Dance that was established in Sri Lanka in 2009. Many children who are interested in learning Bharathanatyam, are being trained in this Institute even today. Since moving to Australia in 2011, Mayoori has opened up the school to students from various backgrounds and religious affiliations here in Queensland, conducting Bharathanatya lessons in Forest Lake, Brisbane, Australia.

Mayoori started her Bharathanatya training under Smt. Anusha Darmarajah at the age of five and subsequently became the disciple of Smt. Suryakala Chandrika Jeevananthan. Under the guidance of Smt. Jeevanandhan she staged her Arangetram in August 2004. She obtained a Diploma in Bharathanatyam with First Class Honours in 2009, after four years of training in Kalakshetra, India. In addition to Bharathanatyam, Mayoori was trained in various Folk Dances, Carnatic Music, Dance Costume designing and stage Makeup. She has also presented a dissertation on the History of Indian Theatre and holds a Degree of Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Madras, India.
Mayoori has performed on many stages across India, Sri Lanka and more recently in Brisbane Australia. In India, she was a member of the Kalakshetra Dance Troupe where she performed in various theatres in some of the heartlands of Bharathanatyam, including Chennai, Bangalore and Calcutta. She then returned to Sri Lanka where she performed dance items and expressed her artistic choreography both individually and as a member of the OMKARA (a group of performing artists), in various parts of the country. In Brisbane, Australia she staged her solo performances during the New Year celebrations and Deepavali Celebrations in 2012. The children under her tutelage in Brisbane have also performed at various functions, including the Queensland Tamil School Annual Function and the Deepavali Festival hosted by the Queensland Telugu Association. Mayoori’s performances and choreography include a myriad of styles ranging from the classical genre to modern dance routines, including a fusion between the two ends of the spectrum and she is also versatile in the expression of these forms whether it be in Hinduism or Christianity.
“Bharathanatyam is a divine art. It’s a form of yoga from top to toe where the movements are synchronized to perfection. And you are fit as from inside you are emoting historical and mythological stories and you feel energetic.”
Classes are held for a duration of one hour for each lesson. Every class will commence with physical exercises to enable the students to warm up, increase flexibility and sustain complex dance postures.
The practical dance curriculum will include Adavus (67) and complete Margam (Pushpanjali, Alaripu, Jathiswaram, Shabdham, Varnam, Padam, Ashtapathi, Thevaram, Keerthanam, and Thillana). On successful completion of the above, students will be eligible to stage their Arangetram under the guidance of their Guru.
Dance theory will be distributed on printed handouts and explained accordingly. In addition to this, an understanding of the music and Talam in relation to the lyrics, melody and rhythm of the relevant songs, will be taught.
The students of the Institute or any other individuals who intend on participating in any cultural programs outside of those hosted by the Institute, can also be trained.
Contact us
Mayooralaya School of Dance Brisbane is located in Forest Lake, QLD 4078, Australia. Should you wish to contact us, please call us on +61450119208 or email us on info@mayooralaya.com.au,

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