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பொற்கரை இந்து கலாச்சார கழகம், ஆஸ்திரேலியா

பொற்கரை இந்து கலாச்சார கழகம்

2br@The Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Association (GCHCA) strives to enhance the cultural engagement and spiritual experience of all Hindus in our diverse community. The association seeks to do this through providing members of the community with a platform to develop, promote and expand initiatives in education, the arts, community services and religious affairs.

The proposed “Hindu Cultural and Education Centre” would be the physical abode of the GCHCA where Hindu cultural activities such as classical literature, music, dance and classical language & spiritual education will be nurtured.

We welcome the support of all in furthering the noble objectives of the GCHCA. Please contact us to find out how you can become a Member for Life.

The Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Association has the following noble objects:


To promote and foster classical dance, music, performing art, literature, Indian visual art and craft.To organise and conduct regular classes for various performing art forms, classical dance and literature.To acquire, construct and maintain a Hindu Cultural Center to facilitate the above activities.To organise workshops and seminars as appropriate to promote the above objects.To organize publications for dissemination of knowledge.


To promote the learning of Hindu philosophy, Saivam, classical languages and educational values of Hindu culture and Hindu Religion both in terms of theory and practice.To organise and conduct regular classes, workshops and other appropriate learning activities for teaching the above.To organise and conduct appropriate assessments to evaluate the learning outcomes.To promote and facilitate research and educational activities related to Hindu culture, architecture and heritage.To acquire, construct and maintain a Hindu Education Centre for imparting knowledge and practical training for kids, youth and adults.To organise conferences and exhibitions with the assistance of scholars in these fields.

Hindu Rituals

To provide a forum and/or facilities for the worship and practice of religious activities and Hindu rituals and to foster the Hindu way of life.The following committed Members were unanimously elected (or subsequently co-opted) to the Management Committee at the seventh Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association held on September 2nd 2018.

POSITIONNAMEPresidentDr Kartik MenonVice PresidentDr Shunil SharmaSecretaryProf. Thiru AravinthanJoint SecretaryDr Chinniah ArunagiriTreasurerMr Rathinam Srinivasan (acting)Assistant TreasurerMr Ramanathan KarupiahDirector of Cultural ActivitiesMr Rathinam SrinivasanDirector of Religious ActivitiesMrs Anandagowri MuthukkumarasamyDirector of Educational ActivitiesMr. Sangarapillai PalamuthusingamDirector of Resources, Media,Publicity and Asset ManagementDr Nadarajah MugunthanDirector of Youth and Community Activities,Fund Raising Activities, and Event ManagementMrs Priyadharsini Sivakumaranதொடர்புக்கு:Secretary: Prof. Thiru Aravinthanemail: gchcan@gmail.comWebsite: GoldCoastHindu.org

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