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ஶ்ரீ லட்சுமிநாராயண் மந்திர், குயின்ஸ்லாந்து

ஶ்ரீ லட்சுமிநாராயண் மந்திர், குயின்ஸ்லாந்து Mandir Opening Hours MONDAY - FRIDAY Morning 7.00am to 11.00am; Afternoon 5.00pm to 8.00pm; SATURDAY: Morning 7.00am to 11.00am; Afternoon 4.00pm to 8.00pm
SUNDAY: Morning 7.00am to 11.00am; Afternoon 2.00pm to 8.00pm. NB: There will be no availability of Pundit Ji from 2-4pm. Mandir will be open for Devotees who wish to do their silent prayers. Any changes to the above opening hours will be informed to all devotees well in advance.


Society for the Promotion of Hindu Culture – Brisbane

No matter where Hindus are, it is a statement of fact that they would ensure there is continuity of our culture, tradition, rites and rituals. With this in view, some very talented and visionary members of our community formed Society for the Promotion of Hindu Culture in Brisbane in 1979. In those days the Hindu population was small – however, this association served the various needs of the community then.

The foresightedness of this association saw the need for a firm legal footing for the Society. In the mean time Hindus from other parts of the world were also migrating to Australia. To more clearly depict the operations of the association, its name was changed to Hindu Religion and Mandir Association (HRMA) which formally adopted its first constitution in August 1984. At this stage the association was not an Incorporated body.

Search for a Mandir Site

The HRMA committee spent many hours and developed a check list (criteria) of the basic requirements they were looking for in a property. Several sites were seen but rejected due to the selected criteria.

Finally, the current site was chosen and seven families formed a trust to secure the same in 1990 with a deposit of around $32,000.

Incorporated Association and name change

As a real property was being acquired and to safe guard the liability of individuals, ensuring that accountability was paramount, an incorporated body was formed. A name change was inevitable due to certain legal requirement and hence the name – “Hindu Mandir Association of Qld Incorporation”.

Our temple was constructed in 1998 and limited programs were held until arrival of Pt Shastri Ji.

The Temple has been operating since the installation of the deities in April 2004. Initially with the guidance of our first priest Pt. Shastri Ji the deities were installed. Pt. Ram Harsh Tripathi Ji served the temple for 8 years until April 2013. The current priest at the Temple is Pt. Hari Har Adhikari Shastri Ji. He is contactable on 07 3216 8848 for all your Pooja requirements.
Temple Rules

Shree Laxmi Narayan Mandir

Temple General Rules

1. You are welcome in the temple as in your home, RESPECT IT as such.

2. It would be appreciated if all devotees dress in an appropriate manner. We encourage you to wear Indian clothing whilst visiting the temple.

3. Whilst a pravachan is in progress please refrain from engaging in acts that may distract the concentration of other devotees. For example: no ringing of bells or coming to alter. If you wish to do these acts please wait until the pravachan is finished or come prior to the start of the pravachan.

4. Please maintain silence in and around the temple when a pravachan is in progress so that other devotees are not disturbed.

5. No food or drink shall be taken or consumed inside the temple except charnamrit served inside the temple.

6. Please turn your mobile phones off or put on silent while inside the temple.

7. No inappropriate or loud music shall be played at the temple.

8. Remove your shoes and leave on shoe racks at the temple entrance.

9. All food served at the temple shall be saatvick (vegetarian with no garlic and onions). Only food prepared at the temple shall be served at the temple, except where prior approval has been obtained from the management.

10. Smoking or consumption of alcohol at the temple complex or coming to the temple intoxicated is prohibited.

11. Please refrain from use of language that may be deemed to be abusive or offensive.

12. Conduct in and around the temple conforming to the purity of the temple should be preserved at all times.

13. No posters, announcements or advertisements shall be placed or displayed without prior permission from the management.

14. Parents shall supervise children at all times and ensure that children do not cause any disturbance or damage to the premises.

15. Please dispose off any rubbish in the rubbish bins provided.

16. As the temple belongs to all devotees, please provide as much service to the temple possible. Your service (sewa) may be in the form of helping in the clean up after meals, cleaning in and around the temple etc.

17. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please put them in writing in the suggestion box provided or alternatively send your correspondence addressed to the Secretary.

Private Functions

18. The devotee who has booked an event in the temple shall be solely and fully responsible for all actions, behaviour and conduct of all their guests and invited visitors at the temple premises.

19. The devotee who books the temple for an event is required to properly clean the temple carpet, kitchen, dining area, the refrigerator, stove, microwave oven, sinks, benchtops and all pots and utensils used at the function.


20. Although the management committee will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of all visitors and devotees, all users must assume the full responsibility of their actions and conduct whilst at the temple premises. The management or the Association will not under any circumstance whatsoever be responsible or liable for any injury or damage caused to or suffered by anyone or their property at any time whilst at or around the temple’s premises.

For further details contact the President or the Secretary
Executive Committee
The Association held it’s last Annual General Meeting at their premises on the 29th of September 2018. The current HMA Executive Committee Members for 2018-2019 are:

Position Full Name Phone Contact
President Mr. Satinder Shukla 0433 872 163
Vice President (1) Mr. Sanjay Sharma 0402 374 455
Vice President (2) Mr. Anurodh Vasudeva 0402 908 554
Secretary Mr. Navdeep Joshi 0423 468 220
Treasurer Mr. Rohit Kapil 0451 920 910
Member Mr. Vinod Kumar 0420 488 717
Member Mrs. Anita Hingorani 0435 242 298
Member Mrs. Shobha Singh 0414 733 463
Member Mr. Sarbjit Kalia 0481 853 390
Contact Details

You may contact us using the details below:


(Hindu Mandir Association of Queensland Inc.)
ABN: 34 788 354 375


46 Daymar Street, Burbank QLD 4156


P O Box 2211
Mansfield Delivery Centre
Mansfield, QLD 4122

Position Full Name Phone Contact

President Mr. Satinder Shukla Mob: 0433 872 163
Resident Pundit Pt. Raman Sharma L/L: 07 3216 8848

ENQUIRY EMAILS: info@shreelaxminarayanmandir.org.au

WEBSITE: www.laxminarayan.com.au

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